Comprehensive Wellness Packages

Achieving any health or fitness goal requires a well-informed routine and a commitment to consistency. But finding both of those things in one place isn’t always easy. Introducing the Factor 75 Comprehensive Wellness Packages, your one-stop shop for everything you need to reach your healthy lifestyle goals!

Fuel Your Fall Savings Package

Eat right, spend less and stay in shape with the Fuel Your Fall Savings Package! You’ll save over $100 on healthy, home-delivered meals and get expert nutrition advice from a Factor 75 dietitian.
  • $300 in Factor Bucks (save $35)
  • One 60-Minute Nutrition Consultation ($74.99 Value)

List Price: $374.99 

Special Price: $265 ($109.99 Savings)

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Kickstart Package

The first step to achieving any health and fitness goal is creating a well-informed plan! With pre-made meals and one month of nutrition consultations, the Factor 75 Kickstart Package does all the planning for you.

  • $400 in Factor Bucks (save $60)
  • 1-Month Nutrition Consultation Package ($169.99 value)

List Price: $569.99 

Special Price: $340 ($229.99 Savings)

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Lifestyle Package

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires consistency. With two months of nutrition consultations and easy access to health-conscious meals, this wellness package will help you sustain a consistent routine while also saving you money on meals ($160 discount).

  • $800 in FactorBucks (save $160)
  • 2-Month Nutrition Consulting Package ($299.99 value)
  • Factor 75 Drawstring Bag
  • Factor 75 Workout Towel

List Price: $1099.99 

Special Price: $640 ($459.99 Savings)

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Performance Package

Created for health and fitness enthusiasts, this package offers our biggest savings ($300 off meals) and allows athletes and gym warriors alike to focus on their training, and not the food supporting it! Sweat in the gym, not in the kitchen.

  • $1200 Factor Bucks (Save $300)
  • 3-Month Nutrition Consulting Package ($404.99 value)
  • Factor 75 Tumbler
  • Factor 75 Drawstring Bag
  • Factor 75 Workout Towel

List Price: $1604.99 

Special Price: $900 ($704.99 Savings)

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Wellness Packages FAQ

What are 'Factor Bucks?'

Factor Bucks are Factor 75's version of store credit. Each Comprehensive Wellness Package gives you a set amount of Factor Bucks, which are immediately credited to your Factor 75 account and available to spend upon purchasing a package.

Are packages available to non-customers?

No. To ensure you’re happy with your decision to invest in a long-term package, we want to make sure you love our food and service! Once you try us out and are convinced you're ready to invest in a Comprehensive Wellness Package, come back to this page and sign up!

Can I transfer my balance?

No, not typically. But we recognize that circumstances vary. Please contact our customer support team at if you’d like to request a transfer of funds.

Do you offer refunds on packages?

No, which is why we limit these discounts to current customers only.

Where can I view my account balance?

In your “Factor Bank.” To access it, simply log in to your Factor 75 dashboard, click your name in the upper right corner and select the “Factor Bank” option to see your balance.

Can I use part of my balance to buy a gift card?

No. Comprehensive Wellness Packages are exclusive to Factor 75 customers.